Sunday, February 8, 2009

My precious little boy...

Well I'm back from holidays and starting to get back into the sewing. I really need to get onto a few unfinished projects before I start anything else but no doubt I'll have more things going before I get back to them... Oh well...

Anyway, the first week of holidays were fantastic. Lots of swims in the river and at the beach and the weather was just divine. Lots of ice cream, drinkies and catching up with friends.

Then along came the second week which was sheer hell !! My nearly two-year old had a high temperature for three days so he wasn't sleeping very well and was grizzly and we couldn't take him swimming or anything. Then that went away and he developed a really bad ear and throat infection.

We got him some antibiotics but of course they take four or five days to really kick in so the poor little bugger was in so much pain that it was like he was posessed by the devil. He was throwing things, kicking and screaming and even banging his head on the ground. We couldn't believe that was our beautiful little boy - it was like someone had swapped him over ! He was just so agitated and angry that it was really distressing for us and him. And on top of that it would take us hours to get him to sleep and then he'd keep waking during the night.

The poor little thing was just so tired, this is where he fell asleep yesterday !

In the girls bedroom behind the curtain.. I'm not sure if he was trying to hide or play a game or something but that was where he dozed off !! Thankfully after his sleep yesterday (I did actually move him into his bed after taking the photos) he was nearly back to normal. Thank God !!

So after all that drama over the past week, I realised again just how precious he is when he brought a little tear to my eye last night. He'd been playing with his toys and his sisters when my husband and I got up to take them to bed. Harry was missing so we went looking for him. There he was in his bed - he'd taken himself to bed, pulled up his sheet and was cuddling his favourite toy waiting for us to come in and kiss him goodnight... Ahhhhhhh, all is well again.

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Kitty Boo Boo said...

gorgeous little buddy!
Hey Chris how did you get the sale buttons on your side bar for your dresses?