Monday, September 14, 2009

I need your creative brains.... and you could win too!!

I need some creative help here people !! I had my new rings displayed on my market stall yesterday and thought they looked pretty cool sitting in their bowls of rice - lots of comments too but I do admit that it's not my own original idea. Anyway, the only problem with the bowls is you can't actually see what's in them unless you are standing right there:

As the rings aren't just for little kiddies, I need to display some so that those strolling past can see them and (hopefully) be drawn into my stall rather than walking on by thinking it's all just for little girls !!

My first thought was to just buy a ring holder like this one below,

but I don't really want to spend more money on display items and I'm sure I (or one of you) can come up with something amazing and handmade by me.

So your challenge is: Create an idea for me to make something from materials I would most likely have at home (or can buy at a reasonable price). ie. I have these cute mini pink pegs that I could use to attach to something ??

The best part is, if I use your idea, I'll send you a ring of your choice as a memento... he he.

So get thinking everyone as I have another market this Sunday, Racecourse Road Street Party at Ascot, so I need to make it this week.... Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!


Anonymous said...

you can tie ribbon through the pegs and hang across your stand and put the rings in the pegs.
or use a piece of fabric with ribbons sewn on it to tie the rings to, make it a sophisticated fabric that isn't aimed at children.
i will be at those markets with my own stall one day.

Candy said...

How about a plain wooden picture frame with some small dowels spanned across. You would take the glass and such out of the frame, add a small stop or pin to hold the dowels and then load the dowels with the rings and place them into the frame. You should be able to get 6 or more rings across an 11x8 frame loosely enough for eveyone to see them easily. They would also be relatively easy for YOU to take off but not so easy that they can walk away.

All Blessings and I hope this helps,
Candy (LadyJhia)
EyeCandy Chainmaille

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

a big round glass bowl (almost like a fish bowl)- fill to the brim then everyone can see them & choose their fav.

a little wooden trinket display cabinet thingy! (you know the ones with lots of square sections it stands up??!!) paint it white & have a ring or 2 in each section.

Sarah :)

Jodie Quinlan said...

Go to Spotlight and buy one of those wooden princess cutouts and spray paid what ever colour tickles your fancy then super glue ribbion to the back just like a hairclips holder except you peg the rings to it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it would work, but what if you bent some wire coat hangers or any wire about the same thickness for that matter, into a fancy tree sculpture. See the following link for how to do it.
I love the look of this sculpture and can just imagine your gorgeous rings on the ends of the branches. You could peg them on or even tie them with some thin ribbon.
I hope I have helped give you some ideas. Have fun, what a great comp.

Margie said...

Make a material tree, can send image if you want(cute and so easy). Use ribbon to tie rings. Can make real modern, use any funky material around the house.

Sarah said...

You could make a long thin fabric 'snake', or a few, the thickness of a finger, with ties on each end so that you could thread each different design of the rings onto it and then tie closed with a bow.? It could sit flat or be hung on a hook, or you could thread some wire into it too so it could be formed into a shape.


Jessi said...

i was going to say a big white frame (with glass taken out.. hammer in, for examle 10 x 5 nails in neat rows and hand ring off each one, as they sell.. keep stocking it up. Because it is a frame, it will stand up beautifully on your table ? yes? no?

i think the mini pegs may be too fiddly when dealing with the rings!!


Jessi said...

just saw candy's similar, but different idea and like that too!

One day...but for now... said...

Hi Christine,

Was thinking of pvc pipe cut into thick bangle style shapes then hot glued together to make a sculpture of circles (think bee hive effect) that your gorgeous rings could then sit in. The sculpture would create "elevation", but also individual little frames for the rings. It is light weight to transport to your markets, but still effectively displays the variety of rings you have. PVC pipe is easily avaialable from Bunnings (took a picture of it on one of my merchandising trips) and not too expensive...and not too big a project to complete before the weekend!!! Just a thought!!!
Kerry (Boutique Markets)

ChingyPingy said...

I would make paper/cardboard flowers - I have some that are cardboard on the end of a pipe cleaner. You could make a vase of the cardboard flowers and punch a hole through the centre of each cardboard flower and put the ring in the punched hole. The cardboard flowers I have are oval shaped with a smaller different coloured oval stuck in the middle - but any shape would look pretty.

Jessi said...

this is what you need to create....

Anonymous said...

What about popping them into simple muffin (baking) trays - the mini size might even be better as you wouldn't have so many in one hole. Their colours would stand out against the dark grey/silver tones of the trays.

:: Karen

Sandrine said...

OH Christine...I am a bit brain dead with ideas...but I have read some really cool one!Good luck;)I liked the rice bowls...maybe cook the rice next time ;))))

Dallas Shaw said...

I would grab a big branch, fake or real, and hang them all- like little decorations


Kym said...

Okay so I have been thinking about this all week and the main problem with rings is that they are top heavy, and most methods the ring will fall and you won't see the beautiful top of the ring. So ribbon and most things wouldn't work. Also you don't want people man handling your product to much as you want them to be kept as nice as possible and in perfect condition. The most suitable would be like what jewelery stores use and have a board where you can put the rings into, it can then be put on any angle you like. It could be as simple as a a good piece of foam from somewhere like clark rubber and then using some of your funky fabric cover it and with the slots cut into the foam already squish the rings into the slots. If you could find some clips that are strong enough you could cover a canvas which is available from $2 shops and cover with fabric and attach the clips to it and then you get artists easels from newsagents and places like riot and put it up on the easel. Rings are tricky so I hope I have helped to give you some ideas.