Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No need to panic anymore if you lose the kids!!!

Tat your Tot is a new company with a brilliant idea.

When you take your children out (or someone else takes them out), do you ever wonder what would happen if they wandered off? Would they know all the information they need to know or even be able to remember it all in a time of panic, to find their way back to you?

With Tat your Tot's personalised Identitats, your children will have all their medical and contact details so they can make a speedy return to you.

And on a less serious note, how cool would these Identitats be for your child's next birthday party...

As a special offer for Little Diva Designs Newsletter Subscribers, Tat your Tot will be offering a 20% discount in this month's newsletter - due out this week. How fantastic is that?? Click here to check out their website.

If you don't subscribe already, it's not too late. Sign up today by sending your email address to littlediva @ aapt.net.au.


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I've got some from them already. Brilliant idea!

Swift Jan said...

Brilliant!!!!!! Must get me some!

Sandrine said...

How clever is that!!!I just find and helped a little lost girla at the beach this weekend that would have been so handy!!x