Friday, May 22, 2009

a busy couple of days....

Well it's been a very busy couple of days and although I should be sewing right now while the 2 year old is sleeping and the 4 year olds are at Kindy, I'm filling you all in instead... it's called procrastination!!

Anyway, on Tuesday and with the help of hubby on Tuesday night, I was running around the house cleaning like a mad woman
On Tuesday morning I must have been having a brain snap as I offered to host the Great South East photo shoot at my house. They wanted to do a feature on BrisStyle and our many talented members and they decided to do it at short notice due to the horrible weather and the cancellation of their pre-planned outdoor shoots. I was also fortunate enough to have an extra little feature done on Little Diva.

Anyway, after much scrubbing and tidying (we just won't look in the spare room!!) I think it was up to scratch. The house has never been so clean and certainly the sewing room looked like a whole different area ! I had been using the desk as my sewing table and the overlocker was sitting on a foot stool - not a good look! As luck would have it though, my hubby found an old plan table at his work on Tuesday and brought it home - he cut the legs down a bit and put a hole in the middle for the cords and it was just perfect!! Much more professional...

Here's a few shots of the sewing room/study before it falls back into a horrible mess... I do have to share it with rugby union jersey's on every wall but if I didn't, they'd end up all over the house - he's still trying to put one in the kids rumpus room!!

The first part of the shoot was some of the BrisStyle ladies sitting around chatting and showing each other of things etc like we were having one of our get-togethers. Sandrine from SM Boutique also got to do a little extra part with her hats and then I did my little feature in the sewing room.

Here's a pic of us all after the shoot had finished:

From left to right is Lauren (Raspberry Pink), Amanda (Twinkle Star Art), Robyn (Hot Fudge), Myself (with Charlotte on my lap), Sophie Formica (show host), Sandrine (SM Boutique), Carole Horne (show producer) and Helen (Ruby 2 Go Go & Ruby Red Studios - with Riley on her lap).

Riley and Charlotte even got to do a bit of modelling in my dresses and playing with the Snigglebottom's.

They then headed on over to visit Bec and Jade from Beckybean to do a little feature with them too.

The show at this stage will be aired on Sunday 5th July - 5.30pm on Channel 7. Also, see Robyn's blog for more photo's.


Night Owl Mama said...

procrastination and I are good friends. I so wish I knew how to sew

Sandrine said...

Christine you have been so cool!!!
Thanks goodness I did not have to scrub my house for channel 7 in such a short notice...I think I would I have had so much adrenaline running I would still be trying to do a marathon after all that!
That was sooo much fun and I feel so fortunate to be part of it :)
Can't wait to see the show on air now ;)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a real hoot! Thanks for the experience Little Diva. Can't wait to see the finished result :) Oh and I've been doing quite a bit of that thing called procrastination myself today. Cheers, Amanda xo

Cute as Buttons said...

Looking forward to the screening. I just sit sometimes when they are at school or sleeping - I think the quietness sends me into shock!

BettsyKingston said...

Oh thank god, I found an overlocker older than mine. I don't want to say how envious I am of the ikea cube bookcase. Suffice it to say that it didn't go unnoticed and won't mention it again.

Sandrine said...

Ohhh, did you noticed? Even the snigglebottoms look stunned in the sewing room!I have also mention the shoot in my blooggyworld and borrowed the lovely group photo since my Camera had a tragedy!I hope it is ok Christine?

Hot Fudge said...

Thank you Christine for your kind hospitality and for opening your home to hoardes of film extras (well - 5 extras). It was all great fun.