Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The show is well and truly over....

This week it's back to the grind !!! Not that the show wasn't work as such but it was so nice to spend five days doing something different and chatting to all those wonderful people.

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the fabulous Incubator stall holders for being such wonderful, creative and supportive people.

Here's a few lovely items I picked up at the show:

Cute little felt hair clip from Kenzie and Coco - I got one each for my girls.

Here's a pic too of the Kenzie and Coco/Rourke and Henry stand. For some reason I didn't take one until the last day.

This nifty little gadget I picked up from Hobbysew:

I always seem to lose my little embroidery scissors when I'm hand sewing etc so this has little cutters in between the flower petals and it also has a needle threader in the bottom. AND a cord to put it around your neck so you don't keep losing it while you're working.

This beautiful package was a gift from Old Yarns Reclaimed Linen as well as a beautiful box of biscuits (thanks Kristina).

This little pack is instructions and materials to make a string of paper boats and I've put it away for a rainy day. The girls will love making these...

and lastly here is my fabulous Biddy Bag - I did a swap with Samantha from Biddy Bags for a few of my items.

I haven't been anywhere to use it yet but I can't wait until I do..

So farewell to the show and onto the next challenge - will post about that later!!


Hot Fudge said...

What a lovely lot of goodies you brought home from the show. I particularly love the bag. If it's ever missing, you'll know where to find it!

Swift Jan said...

You did well at the show!

mimoo said...

what great goodies! i was so bummed to miss the show as I only had thursday to go and little mimoo got sick!!! always the way isn't it? I hope your stall was worthwhile after all you hard work!

Ali said...

What a gorgeous parcel from Old Yarns - their goodies are just divine!

Anonymous said...

Hope your girls loved their clips, Mackenzie's all set to don her Diva number tomorrow to wow the crowds @ our local coffee haunt. keep smilin'. Kristie

Mee a Bee said...

Sounds fantastic!