Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Belated New Year...

Happy 2009 to everybody. Sorry the blogs have been a bit light on lately, but no doubt this time of year is just a crazy for you as it is for me. Anyway, here's a short run down on what's been going on here.

(the girls are wearing dresses that I make as part of the Little Diva range)

Christmas was great - Charlotte was awake bright and early at 6am but unforunately Riley decided that was the day she'd have a really good sleep in and slept until 7.30am !! And that was only because we sent Harry in to climb all over her. Poor Charlotte had to wait all that time to see what Santa had brought her. Actually, I couldn't believe how patient she was and by 7am I let her open a little present from us.

We had our usual Buttermilk Pancake breaky before heading over to my hubby's parents for a couple of hours and some more presents. Then off to my Mum and Dad's for Christmas lunch with my family and many more presents - the kids were so spoilt that I've had to put some of the presents away for a bit...

(christmas carnage...)

Lunch was divine and the kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins and swimming in the pool (thank God for that as the Brissie heat was definately up there on Christmas Day). Very tiring as usual but we all had a fantastic day.

Then the day after boxing day we headed down to Kingscliff for a few nights which was really nice. The weather was just beautiful although there was some rain on a couple of the nights and the river was absolutely freezing !! Alright once you were in though - probably because you body was numb! The kids don't care though and it was much easier than going to the beach (although we still went there a couple of times as it's just across the road from where we stay).

Now it's back to the norm with my hubby back at work today. Only three weeks though until we head off to Evans Head (northern NSW) for a whole two weeks at the beach - yay !

By the way, sorry the first Newsletter isn't out yet but I'll be sending it out soon and I'll also be posting some pics of my latest fabric purchase on the blog - I can't wait to receive it as there's some really gorgeous fabric I haven't seen around before. So stay tuned....

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Bec said...

Happy New Year!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas (and those dresses look so beautiful in the Santa photo!!). Here's to a fabulous 2009!!

PS: How lovely, the word verification today actually spells a real word 'Blessed' how appropriate for this post!!! The only other time a word verification actually spelled something it was 'undies'...he's the little things :P