Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mega Handmade Kids Giveaway - 3 days only...

Remember the challenge I did recently where I received a surprise pack from Handmade Kids and I had to make something from it for a girl? Well, you can now win "Betsy-Lou" and many other fabulous handmade goodies, but you only have 3 days to enter.

This is the part of the boys pack you can win:

and this is the girls:

Click here to enter and find out where each challenge item came from and check out the previous posts to get more photos of the prizes.

Good Luck !! (wish I could enter...)


Peg and Kate said...

Just caught your story on Great South East show. Great story, you should be very proud. Look forward to seeing you at Boutique Markets July. Were they Sandrine Hats in the story?

Jessi said...

wow! how famous are you now? awesome segment!

are you walking around in dark shades now and being chauffeured around in the latest limousines ?

Jogirl said...

hi sweetie,
check out the blog.