Saturday, July 11, 2009

It arrived.... YAY !

This is why I was waiting so patiently for the Postman yesterday:

You'll probably remember my post recently where I made a couple of Owls for the lovely Jo at Lovestamp.

Well, we had decided on doing a swap, so after a lot of deliberation I finally picked the necklace I wanted and it came, beautifully packaged, yesterday...

There's two packages because I also ordered one for my sister - I can't show you hers yet as it's a belated Birthday present and I'm giving it to her tonight.

here's mine though:

(sorry about the photography - clearly I'm not good at photographing jewellery!!)

I just love it and had to wear it straight away. It has my children's names on it and a little x and o (for kisses and hugs of course) at the top.

Thanks Jo... If you want one of these beauties for yourself you can click here to visit the Lovestamp online store or you can also catch Jo at the Boutique Markets tomorrow - where of course I will be wearing mine!!


Raegan said...

I can see why you were excited. I love them all! Now which one do i choose?

Jodie said...

I love the concept of that necklace, it's adorable (so are the owls!)

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

I love that necklace... I will be sure to see her tomorrow at Portside if I make it! or I will order one online - they are great!


P.S. I can't believe my winnings either - it was fantastic giveaway!

Sandrine said...

Great little necklace;)Your owls were "tres jolis" my dear;)

Jogirl said...

Hi Christine,
Oh that is a gorgeous post, thank you so much! I hope your sister loved hers! Will see you tomorrow bright and early xo

Swift Jan said...

ooh how gorgeous!!!