Monday, April 20, 2009

Huge Monday morning disappointment...

Our standard morning ritual consists of me and the kids having breaky (hubby has already left for work by the time we get up) and then they get to watch a few cartoons on the ABC and I get to have my morning coffee and read the newspaper.

But this morning when I went out to get the paper (we get it delivered) I was devastated to find it was nowhere to be seen. Not in the gutter, under the bushes, "in" the bushes - nowhere !!

So I'm feeling quite empty sitting here typing on the computer with my coffee instead of reading the paper. My, how easy it is to get attached to those little daily rituals. What's your daily ritual you just can't do without?

EDIT: 10 minutes after I got up from the computer, I looked out the window and there was the paper !! YAY - the day is looking up !! By the way, my coffee & newspaper time is definately not without interruption - but I can't just lock the kids outside.... can I?


Tasmiya said...

My daily ritual starts when the children are asleep. An uninterrupted hot cup of tea. No matter what time they finally nod off, no matter how tired I am - that cup of tea is an absolute must!

I love your blog (found you through your etsy store and also via the local newspaper) I wish I was as talented with my hands as you. The dresses are beautiful! :)

willywagtail said...

Maybe your paper deliverer was not feeling well or forgot to set the alarm.